Devon Balet is an adventure lifestyle photographer who specializes in creating outdoor sports and recreational imagery. His subjects are independent, confident, strong and competitive. Devon’s work is appropriate for advertising and editorial clients in the markets of sports, travel, active lifestyle, as well as a wide variety of youth brands.

My Story

Born and raised in the small farm town of Montrose, Colorado, Devon was raised loving and living in the outdoors. Growing up following his father on wildlife shoots, Devon was exposed to photography at a very young age. His fascination for taking photos quickly became a passion to photograph anything that sparked an interest. Working as a bicycle mechanic from the age of 14, Devon paid his way through photography school and funded the beginning of his journey to becoming a full time action and adventure photographer. Devon's passion for the outdoors shows in his work as Devon lives for days and nights he can spend outside. Watching the sun rise and fall behind the Earth to reveal the moon and stars. His life long goal to travel the globe and share the amazing and beautiful places he experiences with the world is coming to life.


Devon Balet has long dreamt of traveling the world all while documenting his travels and experiences with a camera and written word. As his career of freelance photographer has blossomed, he has developed a writing style that is often found in popular cycling publications. Devon's goals for his career are big! With dreams of gracing the cover of publications like Time and National Geographic, the future is an exciting place. As his work and style continues to progress, Devon is sure to make an impact in any genre of work or market he takes on. Will you be part of his exciting future?

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
— Norman Vincent Peale