Chicago blaze!

Recently I got the chance to take a trip to the big city of Chicago. My good friend and fellow photographer Max Leitner promised me a good time. A running shoot, yoga shoot and urban shoot all packed into one 24 hour period.

Upon arrival in Chicago, I was quickly swept up by Max and we were off! After a quick relax at his house, we headed for the city and the first adventure of my quick trip. Picking up Max's friend, Saxon, we headed for Uptown and Montrose Point. This massive hook shaped walk way juts out into Lake Michigan.

Being right on the water the temperatures dropped drastically once the sunset. After working some of the last light we headed back to return Saxon home and then continue on our adventures. That night, Max and I explored areas of downtown, finding amazing locations and spectacular vantage points.

The fun went late into the night, my head finding a pillow just a few shorts hours before we planned to awake and do a sunrise yoga photo shoot! Rubbing the sleep from our eyes and gulping down coffee we again were headed for some Lake Side views to shoot with Sydney.

At the last moment before the sun came up, the sky exploded with color. We quickly got as many shots as we could in the quickly fading colors before making our way to the ever popular Cloud Gate, or better known as the Chicago Bean.

The Chicago Bean has become a landmark for the city, and Millennium Park is typically full of people wanting to get their own reflection photo. Lucky for us, at 7:30 am, not many people are out. 

As the sun slowly crept it's way higher into the sky we called it a morning. Looking back on those 12 hours, it was a blast. Something I hope to do again soon!