Pedaling Nowhere

I was deep inside my own head. Pedaling, head down, dreaming of a cold drink and fatty foods. The day had been a tough one. The time was coming down to the wire for us to arrive to the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo on time.

Over 350 miles had passed under our tires by that 9th day. As I climbed to the top of another unknown rise on the horizon, the grade picked up and I stood to keep my fully loaded rig rolling forward. As I neared the top I look up to see a women, on a bike, fully loaded just like me. Was I dreaming? Had I finally lost it on that day?

A few pedal strokes more and I could see a second person. In fact, these were real people, on the trail, riding bikes. We hadn't seen a person on our route for days. Aside from the times on a road or resupply we were the only people in the world, as far as we knew.

After my brain cells began to fire properly again I was able to hold a conversation with this co-ed pair. We talked about where we came from, and where we were headed. We spoke about how the current route we were separately riding was a recommendation from the same person.

We said our good byes and continued on. Our route sent us on for two more hours of a hard struggle through a desert paradise. Views forcing me to skid to a stop, only to stop and stare off into the beautiful nature before me.

It wasn't until days later that I realized I had been following Logan on Instagram; PedalingNowhere. Soon Logan was in contact with me asking to be part of a new series he was starting on his website, Volume 2 was recently released and it is awesome to see what other bike loving photographers use for their gear.

Be sure to check out Logan's site and follow them on Facebook.