Ride for Reading

Ride for Reading is a Nashville based non-profit that I have had the great honor to work with for several years now. Delivering books to low income students via bicycles is right up my alley. This great organization has donated hundreds of thousands of books since it began in 2008.

A few weeks ago the organization experienced a robby at the home of the Executive Director. The following is a note from JC. 

On the morning of Tuesday June 14th an incident occurred. As a result of this situation Ride for Reading took a loss of equipment. The thieves stole the organization’s main computer, a tablet that was used for programming and a hot spot used for mobile connectivity. 

The laptop and tablet were both password protected and authorities believe that the equipment’s data will be purge by the suspects. However, we are taking precautionary steps and resetting all of our passwords in all databases containing donor information. At this time there are no signs that indicate a breach to our platforms, website, social media, or donor data base. 

This equipment was integral to the day to day operations of Ride for Reading. In order for our mission to continue we most replace the stolen items. Therefore, we are asking the public for support in covering the cost of replacing this equipment.

I am auctioning this print to help support Ride for Reading in getting the equipment replaced. This 20x30 metal print will be the only print created of this images and will numbered, signed and delivered to the highest bidder. All proceeds will go directly to Ride for Reading. For more information on the organization please visit their website.

Open bid is set to $500 and will stay open until July 4th. Winner will be announced on July 5th. To bid simply leave a comment below. Payments can be made in a multitude of ways and a tax deductible write off is available.