Mountain Flyer Magazine spread

It is always a pleasure to see your own images in print. The tangible nature with vibrant colors and detail. Mountain Flyer Magazine has one of the best print qualities in all action and adventure sport magazines, in my opinion. I am always stoked it see my shots spread across two pages within this magazine! If you can't find this magazine at your local bike shop, a subscription is reasonable and the quality is superb. This shot of Dejay Birtch was taken during our attempt on the Colorado Trail, riding from Durango to Denver. We ended up getting shut down, Mother Nature taking the win.

"The first few days of riding the Colorado Trail in the nontraditional direction from Durango to Denver are extremely difficult and full of climbing. But Segment 27 has some of the most stunning views in the San Juan Mountain. Here, a rider navigates a tricky section. Forget about feeling out of your head from the elevation- just keep it rubber side down."