The Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic- Singletrack Summer Camp!

Three years ago, my good friend, adventure and travel buddy Dejay Birtch told me about a stage race outside of State College, PA. Situated in the heart of Seven Mountain Scout Camp. Utilizing the scout camp as the headquarters and launch pad for the week long race, this event has a very unique feel and atmosphere. Over the 7 days you get to know the racers and volunteers as you see them day in and day out, on the trails, in the mess hall, and around the camp.

The slogan for the Trans-Sylvania Epic is "Singletrack Summer Camp" and that is exactly what this event is. Everything about it from the cabins to the cafeteria food (which is amazing by the way!) makes you feel like you are 12 again and at summer camp for a week.

For me, it is a really long and hard week of shooting. Seven days of racing... chase race, shoot, return, download, edit, upload, post, edit, eat, edit, sleep, repeat. Early mornings, long days and late nights. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! For me this week also marks an annual trip, getting to spend time with friends I see but one week of the year.

This Thursday I'll be flying to Chicago (again!) and then driving from there to State College with my good friend Erik. Last year Erik and I got to really connect during our week at TSE, so I am excited to get to do that again this year! There will be daily updates, images and photos from the event, so keep your eyes open for that!