Excerpt from "Road to Syllamo"

Walking into the main lodge building at Sylamore Creek Camp, we are quickly greeted with a friendly “Hello! How may I help you?” As I wander around the building of the secluded campground, my two friends and traveling companions handle getting a spot for our high class rig. Looking around I am completely fascinated by all the things on the walls and every inch of flat surface. My curiosity finds me towards the back of the main lodge where I find a clear glass case. The case has two inches of water housing the largest bull frog I have ever seen. I let out, “Holy shit!” a bit louder than intended.

The walls are lined with fishing gear and random nick nacks. Just about everything you could need for your RV, as well as a large glass display case showing a healthy collection of arrow heads. Looking just past the arrow heads I spot another reptile pet of the campground, a python. Turning back towards the front of the building I yell to Erik, “Dude, come check this out!”

Upon getting no response I walk back toward the front of the building to overhear the friendly lady ask Erik and Dan, “You two left handed?”

“Well, no actually.” Erik responded politely.

“Wishful thinking I guess. I’ve always wished I was left handed” replied the front desk attendant.

Tired from our long drive and confused from the ladies question, the three of us make our way back outside. “Why did that lady ask if you guys were left handed? And what was that wishful thinking business?” I ask in bewilderment.

“Good question,” was Erik’s only response.